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Angling Information

On this page we've attempted to answer some of your questions around angling in our watershed.  You can navigate to your specific question by clicking on it below.  If you don't see your question please feel free to call or e-mail us.  Tight lines all.


Where can I get my angling license?

Recreational fisheries in the Kennebecasis is regulated by the provincial government through the Department of Energy and Resource Development.   Angling license can be bought on-line through the Department, at local stores, and at Service NB.  With your license you should receive a Guide Book that outlines various restrictions and regulations for each fishery.  The 2022 Fish Guide can be found here.  We've provided an overview of some of the policies and regulations below but we encourage you to read through the guide.

Where can I go?

Where can I go fishing?

The Kennebecasis watershed has plenty of water to cast a line over.  Some sections of the main river have management regulations in place to help create a sustainable recreational resource.  As an angler we hope you respect the strategies and help us maintain the health of our fish stocks.


The main stem of the river has a "Fly Fishing Only" regulation in place after July 1st and this is outlined in the Guide.  We also have a Catch and Release and Fly Fishing Only section in place throughout the trout angling season, April 15 - September 15.  

You can also explore the Department of Natural Resources interactive Fishing Regulations Web Map for information on regulations and restrictions on fishing in New Brunswick

16x16 Attention Anglers WO12345-01.jpg

Catch and Release Map

This map shows the section of the Kennebecasis River that is CATCH AND RELEASE FISHING ONLY. Only artificial lures and flies can be used from April 15th to July 1st to fish on this section of the river. After July 1st only flies can be used to fish on the main stem of the river.

Kinds of Fish

What kind of fish will I catch on the Kennebecasis?

The Kennebecasis River has a wide array of species so no matter what your angling style is we likely have something for you.  Historically we had a very viable Atlantic salmon fishery, however due to drastically low numbers there is currently no recreational salmon fishery on the Kennebecasis.  We do however have a productive trout fishery.  Our native speckled trout frequently reach 20" or bigger and are likley our most sought after species.  We also have some rainbow trout which were introduced and considered an invasive.  We also have some Brown trout which are migrating into our watershed from adjacent drainages.  

Other fisheries include strong shad runs in the early summer months, some small mouth bass in our lower river, and some sturgeon as well.  Some lesser sought after fish are also present on our river including burbot, brown bullhead, American eel, fallfish, and others.  For information on fish found in New Brunswick check out the Canadian Rivers Institute resource here.

A colorful brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) being assessed as part of our fish health surveys.

Creel Survey

Where can I report my catch?

In order to properly manage and enhance our watershed the KWRC need to know what is there and you can help us with that.  We have an on-line creel survey which literally takes 30 seconds to complete.  You can find the creel survey by clicking the photo below.

Creel survey

Angling Workshops

I don't know how to fish, can you teach me?

The KWRC offers two different workshops each year.  The first is our "Beginner's Flyfishing Workshop".  This two evening event is always popular and is meant to introduce anglers to the sport of flyfishing.  It helps get more people onto the managed section of our river while also instructing them on how to properly catch and release fish they hook.

The second workshop is targeted at youth who are seeking that first time fishing.  We provide gear and tackle and get them on the river following a short classroom style presentation.  As you can see from the short video below, the kids all have a great time.

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