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Our Staff

Project Manager

Ben Whalen

Ben Whalen started working with the KWRC in 1995 as a Habitat Technician and worked here for three summers after he received his diploma in Environmental Technology at NBCC Miramichi.  After pursuing various contracts and other opportunities in his field, he returned to the KWRC as Project Manager in 2007.


Ben loves the fact that he can work in his field and make a positive difference here in his home town.  Ben and his wife, Michelle, raise their two children, and attempt a garden, while living in Sussex.  Ben also loves to reap the rewards of his work as an avid angler and can often be found wading down local streams casting a line as often as he can be found measuring their depths and widths. 


His familiarity and passion for the Kennebecasis watershed has proven to be an asset for the KWRC and he wants to continue to improve the watershed while also improving local communities.

Restoration Coordinator
Brooklynne King


Brooklynne is a recent graduate from the Environmental Technology program at NBCC. She has always loved being outside and enjoys camping, walks in the woods and watching sunsets along the waterways. She is passionate about reducing the amount of plastic waste she creates and loves informing others on what they can do to reduce their environmental footprint. Brooklynne is excited to be working with the farming community and discussing ways to reduce the amount of agriculture plastic and other litter within our waterways.

Monitoring Coordinator
Laura Lavigne


Laura is a recent graduate from the University of New Brunswick where she studied Environment and Natural Resources, majoring in Environmental Management. She has worked with invasive species in the past and is passionate about removing, monitoring, and educating others about invasive species.


Originally, she is from a “small town” called Courtice in Ontario but after completing her degree she decided she wanted to stay in New Brunswick. When not working you can find Laura outdoors annoying her friends and family by identifying every tree and plant she sees.  

Laura is excited to see what this next chapter brings her and is eager to gain new knowledge from her coworkers.  

Education Outreach Coordinator
Ellen MacGillivray 

Ellen began with the KWRC as a summer student in 2021 and returned the following winter after completing her Biology degree at UNBSJ.

Ellen has always been drawn to nature, spending time in the woods when she can, taking photos or recording observations in a handmade nature journal. She also loves to read, write, forage, craft, and learn. Ellen is grateful that her position with the KWRC pushes her to think creatively and connect with the community. Being exposed to the work that goes into conservation efforts and to so many people with a shared passion for ecosystem protection has been an extremely positive experience. This job will serve as a valuable stepping stone to her dream career – yet undecided! She hopes to one day work closely with plants and fungi for the betterment of both the environment and human experience.


Biodiversity Coordinator
Abby Lamrock


Abby recently graduated from Mount Allison University with a biology degree minoring in environmental science and geography. She started working at the KWRC in the summer of 2021, leaving only to complete her degree, and came back in the summer of 2022. Abby is passionate about conservation and is happy to have a job where conservation is a priority. She hopes to learn valuable skills at the KWRC that will allow her to continue working in her dream field of work. In her free time, Abby can be found reading, riding, or walking in the woods with her dog Lincoln. 

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