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Habitat & Riparian Zone Assessments

Habitat and riparian zone assessments are great ways to find out what types of habitat exist and how healthy they are.  These types of assessments also identify issues facing the riparian and aquatic habitats of the Kennebecasis Watershed. 


Sites found to be in need of restoration are added to our priority list.  The assessment may also suggest methods of addressing the issues present so we can continue to move forward.  When we identify a very healthy region we make sure to do follow up assessments and make recommendations to land owners and planners to ensure that area stays in a healthy, pristine condition. 

We have completed over 350km of habitat assessments on our watershed to date.  From smaller tributaries to the larger main channels, characteristics such as width, depth, riparian health, substrate composition, and bank conditions have been investigated.

In 1994 we completed our Kennebecasis River Habitat Assessment Project where more than 280kms of river were assessed.  In 2011 there were 6 tributaries assessed  for a total 38.2km.  These were mainly 1st and 2nd order streams.  The results of these assessments were presented in our 2011 Habitat Assessment report. We have also assessed habitat conditions at more than 400 culverts and we continue to assess various sections of our streams as needed.

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