Destruction of riparian zones opens the door to severe stream bank erosion, with numerous detrimental impacts to the watercourse at the site and especially downstream.


The 1994 habitat assessment project revealed numerous issues in the watershed that can often be attributed to poor land use and riparian zone degradation.  The KWRC employs multiple restoration techniques or a combination of techniques to deal with riparian and aquatic habitat issues.




Digger Logs


Livestock Fencing

Stabilized Fording


Rock Sills

Tree Planting

Restoration Site Map

Since 1994, the KWRC has completed restoration work at over 58 sites, each with their own unique characteristics. Click the site locations on our map for information on which of the above listed techniques were used and for photos before and after our restoration efforts.

For our full Restoration Site Portfolio (1995-2017), click here.

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