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The Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee or "KWRC" is a non-profit organization whose mission is to restore the Kennebecasis River Watershed back to a sustainable ecosystem.

We strive to undertake strategic habitat restoration, monitoring efforts, and educational initiatives to promote public awareness and participation in the restoration of the Kennebecasis River Watershed.

Welcome 2021

Our 2021 Vision Statement

As we are over a month into the new year, the team at the KWRC wanted to share our vision statement for 2021: protect and connect

Each year the KWRC works as a team to come up with a vision statement for that year. Our vision statement helps drive the work that we do, and reminds us of areas of our work that we could stand to improve upon. The vision statement helps us stay focused and motivated on the tasks at hand, and inspires us to continue to restore our beautiful watershed.

As our team was brainstorming for this years vision statement, the words 'protect' and 'connect' continually came up. As an environmental organization, we know the importance of protecting our natural areas and ensuring healthy ecosystems for years to come. We also know that after the unpredictable year that we've all had in 2020, that community connection is needed now more than ever.

That is why this year we will focus on protecting and connecting our rivers, our ecosystems and our communities, to create a healthy watershed for all.

Weekly Watershed Walks

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Know the Facts

Dredging is often discussed as a potential solution to mitigate flooding impacts. In this infographic, we present some information which highlights how dredging can negatively impact our water systems.

To learn more about dredging, visit our page



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